Hog Island Hoagie was created to bring the classic Philadelphia style sandwich, the hoagie, to Seattle.  We knew we wanted to be truly authentic, so we searched for only the best deli meats, cheeses, condiments, and produce to fit inside our very own locally made Hoagie Roll.  We are pleased to have found Thumann’s “The Deli Best” who has been serving the classic delis of the East Coast since 1949.

We named our classic deli, Hog Island Hoagie, to give honor to the birthplace of the hoagie, one of America’s greatest sandwiches – the historic Naval Shipyard of Hog Island, Pennsylvania.  We are also very proud of the Maritime history of our first location in Ballard, Washington and think it’s pretty neat to have that East Coast/West Coast connection.

Our online ordering will be back within Nov 2017.


2001 NW Market ST. Seattle, WA 98107